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For Home Buyers:

My goal is to help Home Buyers find their dream home, at the best possible price, with the absolute least number of problems.

1. I promise to help you determine what exactly it is you are looking for in a home by finding out your wants, needs and must haves and prioritizing your Needs, Wants, & Values.

2. Guide you through the process of becoming Pre-Qualified for a home loan and becoming Pre-Approved, ask me what the difference is!!!

3. Provide detailed information on neighborhoods, schools, and communities for selected targeted areas that suit your needs.

4. Show you the desired and available homes in the current market and find the home that suits you & your family.

5. Prepare & submit initial offer and Negotiate on your behalf to get the absolute best deal possible.

6. Assist you by recommending a reputable mortgage/home loan officer, title company, and contacting a home inspector to protect your investment by buying a home.

7. Prepare, review, and manage pre-closing paperwork and documents.

8. Help ensure a smooth closing transaction by working with the title company and resolving any last minute “surprise” issues.

9. Help with any post-closing issues, moving in, and making your home buying experience as pleasant as can be!!!

For Home Sellers:

My goal is the help the Home Seller 1) correctly price their home to get the most value, 2) in the shortest amount of time; 3) with the least number of problems.

1. I promise to help you determine your needs and timetable for selling your home.

2. Look at simliar homes in the immediate area and Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your area based on recent homes sold prices, values of the homes and expired listings (unsold homes) and help determine the best possbile selling price.

3. Preparing your home to be sold quickly, get required repairs, necessary improvments, and home decoration/staging tips to sell your home faster!!!

4. Create Home Marketing Strategy and promotional material for your home including advertisment through print, mailing, online & internet, open house(s) and possibly a promotional calendar/newsletter/magazine arcticle/etc. Includes listing house for sale on ALL of the Major Search Engines such as: MLS, Google, Yahoo! Real Estate, Trulia, and many more!

5. Hold open houses, buyer showings and marketing events to fellow realtors/brokers and potential buyers.

6. Obtain offers, Negotiate and/or counter offer, advise on final offer terms and conditions.

7. Prepare Post-contract checklist, assist buyer’s agent throughout the home purchase, inspections, repairs, title company, mortgage lender, etc.

8. Coordinate, Review, & Supervise home sale documentation to close on time.

9. Help ensure a smooth closing transaction, final review of all documents and resolve any last minute “surprise” issues.

10. Help with any post-closing issues and moving out of the home you just sold and into your new one!!!