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Price: $98,500,000    
Beachfront property located on the Pacific Ocean, surrounded of lush tropical vegetation and pristine waters , close to Puerto Vallarta one of the mo…read more

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Price: $73,100,000    
121.8 Hectares, 300.97 acres, 1,218,000 square meters, zoned for hotel resort and residential, with 1,250 linear meters of facing on the sea with a sa…read more

]]> {/rss_listing_block} {rss_title}0 W Grand Off Parkway Katy {rss_listing_block} 0 W Grand Off Parkway Katy MzEzMDI= 0 W Grand Off Parkway
Price: $50,000,000    
Subjected property consists of 2 tracts, of which HCAD IDs are: 0471490000005 (465.22 acres) and 0471500000002 (104.38 acres). Two tracts of collectiv…read more